To place an order for Centering Healthcare materials, please follow these steps:

1.  Login to the Centering Healthcare Portal and/or, click on the "My Portal" option at the top right hand corner

2.  Click on the  "Products" section located on the blue header

3.  Select the desired product and click "Add to Cart" 
Important Note: For Notebooks/Facilitator Guides, please ensure you select the proper language.  Returns are NOT accepted. 

4.  Under "View Cart" you may update the quantity of each item you would like to purchase

5.  If applicable, enter coupon code information in the "Have a coupon?" section and click on "Apply Coupon"

6.  Click  "Proceed to Checkout."

7.  Confirm/update the shipping address and click "Continue" - please click on the "Use same address for billing" option if the shipping and billing address are the same

8.  Please verify the shipping cost, shipping address, and billing address are all correct then click "Continue" 

9. Payment Methods

    a.  Credit Card - please enter the credit card number, expiration date, and CVV information 

    b.  Purchase Order - please enter the purchase order number. You may also upload a copy of your purchase order for reference. 

    c. Check - Select the "Purchase Order" under "Payment Method" and enter the "Check" under the "Purchase Order Number" section (please also indicate the check number if available)

10.  Please review the terms and conditions and check the box off and click "Continue"

11.  Review order details 

12.  Click on "Place Your Order."  A copy of your invoice will be emailed (please allow a few minutes for the email to generate). 

Still Need Help?  Please contact your Client Relations team by calling our customer service phone number between the hours of 10:00am EST and 4:00pm EST at 857-284-7570 and select option 5.  You may also contact our Client Relations team via email at  

Email submissions received during business hours, can expect an email response within 24 hours as we work to answer your question. Once your request is submitted, please check your email for additional information.