CHI recommends a space equal to about 600 square feet (25 x 25) however space varies widely across Centering practices. When assessing your space it is helpful to consider the activities that will occur in that space:  

  • Patient check-in area to record attendance
  • Health station where patients record their weights, BMI, blood pressure and other key health indicators
  • Assessment area that is set up to ensure privacy
  • Snack area where patients can socialize before group and during breaks
  • An open group circle area that can accommodate up to 12 patients, their support people and two facilitators

Other important considerations:

  • Space availability - a dedicated space eliminates the need for staff to set up and break down between groups and enables groups to be scheduled at times that suit the patients and providers. If spaces must be shared Centering should be given priority in scheduling.
  • Decor and furnishings - a comfortable and safe environment is important for trust and sharing and to keep patients returning to group. Furniture should be comfortable but moveable to accommodate varying group sizes.

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