To register your participants online, log into our online portal and visit our workshops page. Your workshop will be listed as a "sponsored workshop" on the date you've provided. This workshop is only visible to you and your colleagues. By following the "register" button next to your workshop, you can add all participants who will be trained.

Please note: 

  • If the person you are registering already has an account, please begin typing their name in the Participant Name box. After typing the first three letters, their name should appear in a drop-down field. Please select the name and click "Add Participant." 
  • If the person you are registering does not have a account, click "Add New Contact," and enter their information. Then click "Add User."
  • As you register, if at any point you are unable to proceed, the issue may be with the browser you are using. Please try again with Chrome or Firefox, as Internet Explorer does not support some of the features of our website.