We'd love to schedule an on-site workshop for you. This can be a great option to save travel costs and ensure you can train your Centering facilitators at a time that works best for your practice. We offer a 2-day Basic Facilitation Workshop for those brand new to Centering and a 1-day Advanced Facilitation Workshop for more experienced facilitators.

On-site workshops are charged at a flat cost for up to 15 people; please refer to CHI's most latest pricing information for the current price for Basic or Advanced. For all on-site workshops the price is inclusive of the workshop leader's time, travel expenses, and necessary training materials. We need at least 8 weeks' advance notice to accommodate your request.

To begin the scheduling process, please submit a help request and a member of our Client Relations team will follow up with you regarding next steps. If possible, please include your preferred dates (first choice and 1-2 backup options), which can be any day of the week. If you are requesting a Basic Workshop, ensure you are looking at two full back-to-back days. Workshop dates can usually be confirmed within 1-2 weeks, and payment will be due 30 days in advance of the event.