When an order is placed through the Centering Healthcare Institute portal, an email is automatically sent to the person placing the order with a copy of the invoice (please check junk/spam folder).

You may view all purchased made through the online store by logging into your Centering Healthcare account.

  1.   Log into your profile account (https://prod-v3.centeringhealthcare.org/login)
  2.   Click on the "Dashboard" page 
  3.   Scroll down the "Account" section 
  4.   Click on "Order History"
  5.   Click on a specific order and you will be able to view the complete order information as well as have the ability to print/download an invoice

If you did not receive an email once you completed the order transaction or you are unable to locate your order through the online store, please email the Client Relations team at help@centeringhealthcare.org with your site name and the date the order was placed.